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Backspace Basics

San Jose Contact Improv Workshop

Sunday 23rd April 2023, 1:00pm to 4:00pm

$25 to $35 sliding scale

Back Space Image.jpg

What goes through your mind when you see a couple of dancers moving through space completely backward?


In contact improv, we love falling back just as much as we love moving forward. 


For this San Jose CI Workshop, contact improv expert Brandon Stewart will show us how to open up to newer pathways through the epic world of backspace. 


This will allow you to distribute your weight more confidently and consistently in any situation, thus generating higher levels of momentum in your dance, creating more ease, and increasing your range as a dynamic, fluid dancer!


We will then transition into a CI Jam where we will apply what we have learned.


This class is for ALL levels, but intermediate contacters are encouraged to attend 🙂


Sunday, April 23


Shiva Yoga Wellness

255 N Market St Unit 250, San Jose, CA 95110


Drop-in payment is welcome, but paying online is preferred [link will be posted soon]


1-2:30pm  Backspace Basics

2:30-4pm  Contact Improv Jam


Instructor: Brandon Stewart

Host: Gurjeet Bagri

Organizer: Abby Pistoni


Come prepared with kneepads, comfortable pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and a water bottle

Wild Women Circle

Thursday 15th June 2023, 7:30pm to 9:00pm


$20 to $40 sliding scale


Join us as we rewild and awaken to our most authentic, undomesticated nature; to live in sovereignty and in alignment with our highest truth.


In Sisterhood we will rewild ourselves, remembering our innate connection with the Divine Feminine, the cycles of the Earth and the power of our inner wisdom.

In Circle, we will gather with other Wombyn for guided meditation, journaling, and intention setting to support you to:


  • Ground and center into your body

  • Reset and rejuvenate

  • Tune into your intuition

  • Connect with the Divine Feminine for higher wisdom

  • Release what no longer serves you

This circle is an inclusive coming together of Wombyn from all paths and various spiritual/cultural backgrounds. We gather around ideas of Sisterhood, a respect for Mother Earth and co-creation.


WHAT TO BRING: a candle (in a glass holder), a lighter or matches, journal, pen, flowers or sacred objects for the altar and anything that helps you feel cozy.


*** Kindly arrive early to check in and get settled. Plan to remain for the duration of the circle to honor space being held for all sisters and closing space together. ***


Tickets: Acceptance - $20, Community - $25, Receive - $30, Love - $35, Abundance - $40


Tickets are based on a sliding scale. This pricing format is an opportunity for all of us to tune in and receive the gift of asking for support when we need it or to receive the gift of offering support generously when we have extra to share, so we may all gather in love and ease. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

Shamanic Reiki Sound Journey

Saturday 17th June 2023, 7:00pm to 8:30pm


$40 early-bird / $45 at the door

VirpalREIKI 169 (2).jpg

Join us for a powerful Shamanic Reiki Sound Journey to fully awaken and activate your DNA, clear stagnant energy.

During the Shamanic Reiki Sound Journey, enjoy being bathed in healing vibrations and allowing Reiki energy to create a sense of deep relaxation and peace by dissolving patterns of stress, worry and anxiety. 

Reiki is an ancient healing art which channels universal life force energy through the palms of a trained Reiki practitioner’s hands. This vital life force energy activates the natural healing process, detoxifies the body of blockages and boosts the immune system.

Reiki practitioners will balance your energetic channels, known as “chakras”, to allow their natural state of flow. Once your chakras are in alignment, universal life force energy flows wherever is needed to bring healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Reiki and sound healing work synergistically to soothe and empower the mind, body and soul. The frequencies stimulate alpha and theta brainwave activity which assist you in finding a deeper state of meditation and relaxation, inviting cellular level restoration. Reiki energy and sound together amplify each other creating an amazing dynamic of powerful healing energy.

WHAT TO BRING: Yoga mat, blanket, pillow for head, eye cover to allow yourself to be immersed in deep relaxation and anything else that helps you stay cozy.

**Kindly arrive early to get settled in. We will not accept late arrivals once we begin.***

Meisner Light-Dark  Acting Workshop

Sunday 16th July 2023, 11:00am to 2:00pm


$75 by noon Friday 14th July

Dramatic Actress

Honor your dark and light. Express your Humanness with elegant abandon. Find safety and fun in surrender.



The Meisner Light-Dark Acting workshop, led by Jeremy Parise of Starfish workshops, is a non-traditional Meisner class. It honors authenticity in all of its forms and invites you to be met in truth not often supported in everyday life. Scene preparation is also addressed.

Class is in 3 parts:

1. One-minute short personalized exercise that stretches you in a new direction

2. Repetition Exercise - Meisner's only acting exercise, done in a non-traditional way that cuts to the truth of the moment - less head, more instinct....directly addresses obstacles to interpersonal human connection.

3. Scenes - emailed to you the night before class - practice living the experience as opposed to "doing a scene"


Tickets: $75 by noon Friday 14th July

For more information about the style of the workshop visit

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