Upcoming Events

Contact Improv

Tuesday 11th October 2022

+ every second Tuesday of the month

8:00pm to 10:00pm


Join us for this monthly San Jose Contact Improv Jam!

Contact improvisation (CI) is a creative dance form emerging from physical contact between partners. The practice transcends the established boundaries between gymnastics, martial arts, meditation, and dance.


In doing contact, dancers directly experience with their partners the dynamic physical forces which affect all movement. The multidimensional nature - physical, emotional, and spiritual - of the point of contact allows the dancers to engage in non-verbal communication in a concrete manner and on several levels

Welcome to all levels!


You may show up with or without a partner


8pm to 9pm - Class/Lab with Abby

9pm to 10pm - CI Jam

Facilitator -  Abby Pistoni


Tickets: Sliding Scale $15 to $25

Monthly Members: Free


You can book tickets for this event directly below!


Ecstatic Dance

Hosted by Ecstatic Dance San Jose

Friday 9th September 2022

Friday 30th September 2022

+ every second and last Friday of the month

8:00pm to 10:00pm

Ecstatic Dance is a two hour healing journey with a live DJ in a non judgmental, safe, heart-centered space. There are no steps to learn, just let the music move you. Dance alone or with others. No booze, no talking on the dance floor. We finish with a closing community circle.

$20 - $25 sliding scale donation


DJ Vedma: https://soundcloud.com/dmitry-vulfovich

DJ Vedma aka Dmitry Vulfovich, navigates the sonic dance space. As a psychotherapist, yogi, and spiritual leader Dmitry curates a keenly authentic musical environment designed to activate and bring to the surface the deepest reality in ethnic beats and shamanic rhythms. Dmitry is also the main organizer of EDSJ. Get ready to be explore your own depth.


*Bring your own water bottle.


COVID SAFETY: Masks are optional. If you are feeling sick, please stay home!  Please also cover your mouth if you sneeze or cough, and wash hands if you do, and before and after dance. Stay Safe. Stay Sane. Many of us Need Dance for our Health. Let's not Live in Fear, but be Smart, and Live in Love. Blessings!



For more information and tickets contact:

Dmitry Vulfovich


(408) 809 5884

Alter Ego

A Ritual Journey to Connect With Your Potential

Sunday 2nd October 2022

10:15am to 12:15pm


Who would you be if you let down your walls, lowered the drawbridge and embraced what is “so not you?”


Most likely, you’ve had experiences that gave you the impression that there are certain aspects of yourself that are unacceptable, or at least won’t garner you absolute love and adoration.


You might see these long-forgotten parts of yourself reflected back to you in the attributes you admire in others, as well as who (or what!) you’re most judgemental and intolerant of…


…And what if I told you that when you get lovingly curious about the parts of you that feel most rigid, you release potent energy and break the internal chains that hold you back from becoming MORE YOU.


Who would you be if you let down your walls, lowered the drawbridge and embraced what is “so not you?”


In this workshop, we’ll be fostering a wildly creative writing space through ritual, movement and harnessing our imagination for healing. 


Katelyn will guide you through:

- Simple ritual practices to connect with the parts of you yet unseen

- Therapeutic movement to clear your energy

- Potent questions to uncover and create your Altar Ego

- A guided visual journey to ultimately connect with your Altar Ego and the wisdom they have to share with you. 


If you have any questions, please email katelyn@poweringrowth.com



Online: $25

At The Door: $30

Altar EGO vertical_edited.jpg