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Kundalini Kriya Yoga

Every Monday 6:45pm to 7:45pm

  • 1 h
  • From 18 US dollars
  • 255 N Market Street, Unit 250, San Jose


If you feel low on energy or even sad, stressed, lethargic or even depressed then this practice is a perfect way to introduce vigor and welcome renewed life force energy. If you are an already high performing individual and are looking for ways to sustain energy to continue staying in deep flow states or go deeper into your practice this is also something that will benefit you. This class is for those ready for deep inner transformational work combining a nervous system reset, to overhaul and release trapped stress from the body and mind with kundalini chakra activation breathwork, that in turn helps detoxification, boosts the immune system and enhances respiratory functions. This class is split into three parts. First part is the activation, the second is sustenance (through kriya/asana/movement yoga) and the third part is integration (meditation). This class is suitable for intermediate level or those already familiar with the basic yoga postures, movements and exercises. Bring lots of water, an open mind and be ready for deep inner transformation Note, there is a requirement that a minimum of three people sign up for the class to take place. If less than three people sign the class may get canceled. Practitioner Bio: Mahesh Shiva Born in a lineage of Hindu priests, Shiva has been a yoga and meditation practitioner for over 15 years. He teaches the integration of bhakti yoga, karma yoga and raja yoga as it is in the Patanjali yoga sutras and in the Upanishads. He manifested and deployed “The SoulWomb” at various wellness recovery centers as a sacred sound meditation space to those in behavioral health and substance abuse recovery

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