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Trauma Informed Yoga

Every Saturday 10:15am to 11:30am

  • 25 US dollars


In everyday life, we go on autopilot and do not listen to our bodies. Not allowing ourselves to experience all the potentials that are within. In this Event, you will be given the opportunity to move deeper into your body. Allowing for self-exploration, playfulness and awareness in your bodies that perhaps you haven't experienced before. ​No class is the same, yet you will feel as though you've been through an amazing massage! ;-) Reviews: Heather's Trauma Informed Yoga is a really special experience. Everyone has experienced trauma at some point and how we respond to it is essential to health and well being. The class is a safe space to explore yourself and heal trauma through gentle body movements and thematic discussions. Always yoga, but other times tapping, or shaking or dancing - there are lots of ways to work through trauma. Heather is an empathetic practitioner who courageously shares her own journey and serves as a caring guide. This class is a safe space where I'm able to love, laugh, and cry without judgement. I'm really grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it and highly recommend you try it if you are in need, or find yourself on the path to self-care and healing. -John T. Practitioner Bio: Heather has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. From when she started, she had always wanted to be a yoga teacher. It took some years to be able to make this wish possible. She “went for it” in 2019 and became a registered yoga teacher (RYS200). Receiving her certification from Almaden Yoga in San Jose, Ca. She studied under Anuja Chaudri and Nate Jones. She is an advanced trauma certified teacher who holds her certification with Collective Resilience yoga since 2021 under Hala Khouri, Kyra Haglund and RW Alves

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