Our Team

Gurjeet runs the studio. He is originally from London UK and has a strong passion for yoga. He’s been practicing for over 8 years and teaching for 5 years after completing his 200hr teacher training in Costa Rica. He’s always continuing to learn and improve his practice as well as his teaching. He integrates breathe, movement and awareness in his classes.


Cindy's been teaching yoga to students from all walks of life for over 5 years. Her classes focus on using mindful movement to increase strength and range of motion. She encourages students to foster feelings of introspection, respect, and positivity towards themselves while on and off their mats. Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing for years, you’ll discover something new in her class.


Gurjeet Bagri

Cindy Raspiller


Manu Tonantzin

Mahesh Shiva

Manu was born and raised in San Jose and also lived in Southern California where they were first introduced to Sound Healing. Manu is a life long student and believes that with loving guidance, people have the ability to bring back balance into their lives. Through Sound Healing they intend to bring back some peace and harmony to those who need it.

Born in a lineage of Hindu priests, Shiva has been a yoga and meditation practitioner for over 15 years.

He teaches the integration of bhakti yoga, karma yoga and raja yoga as it is in the Patanjali yoga sutras and in the Upanishads.

He manifested and deployed “The SoulWomb” at various wellness recovery centers as a sacred sound meditation space to those in behavioral health and substance abuse recovery.

Klare is a 200HR Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance and an Accessible Yoga Ambassador.

She has practiced yoga on and off the mat for over 20 years. She has a wide range of experiences in different Eastern spiritual traditions and teachers.


She started teaching yoga in 2018 with a philosophical lens of experimental and explorative aspects of body/mind connection with compassion as a foundation.


Klare's teaching style integrates body neutrality, strength building, range of movement, adaptive response, and mindfulness practices.


Rachel turned to yoga to connect deeper to herself and her community. She found yoga in high-school as a way to de-stress and cultivate self-love, and feels it a blessing she can pass this on to the community

Rachel combines her training as a yoga teacher, salsa dancer and school psychologist to mindfully guide you through a flowing Vinyasa yoga class.


Klare Marzano

Rachel Ammerman

Anna is a 200 hour certified Body Temple Yoga™ alignment based Hatha yoga instructor.

She completed her Yoga Teacher Mentorship and is currently studying to become a Heart Based Leader, with yogic principles as her foundation.

Anna loves to incorporate twists into her students’ yogic practice to move energy through the body, and focuses on using alignment in the physical body to allow students to create a deeper connection with their hearts.


Katelyn is a Soul Guide and Ritual Artist devoted to bringing what's unconscious to consciousness. 


Her classes support students to tap into their inner knowing that is beyond words, expand their movement capacity, and foster greater internal trust in their ever-unfolding life journey.


Katelyn is a legally ordained Priestess in the Temple of Isis, studied with Master Movement Director Anandha Ray and is empowered to teach The Quimera Method.

Katelyn Colia

Anna Moore

Gemma’s classes are grounded in awareness and breath, moving students through dynamic, energizing flows before easing into deeper stretches and surrender. She encourages students to tap into their body’s own intuition and to move in ways that create a feeling of ease rather than being overly-focussed on finding the “perfect” pose. She is a passionate advocate for mental health and body neutrality, and uses yoga to inspire self-acceptance and self-awareness.


Deana guides her students with a fun way to build up strength & flexibility. Through strengthening and lengthening your spine you stabilize and relieve tension. Stretching opens the chest, back, hips and muscles to help with your mobility. And our traction poses help calm your nervous system.


Gemma Morgan

Deana Hsu